Separ SWK2000 Installation

Installing and maintaining the Separ SWK2000 Water Separator and Fuel Filter range

Installation Instructions:

The SEPAR 2000 should be installed on the suction side of the fuel system, between the fuel feed tank and the engine mounted fuel lift pump.

Install the filter in an accessible position to allow water and particulate removal and filter element change (a minimum of 60mm is required for element change)

The filter housing has two inlet and two outlet ports to give options on installation position.

The ideal position for the filter is at the same height as the lift pump. However if the top of the fuel tank is above this position a 'full flow' ball valve should be fitted, before, the filter so that the fuel flow can be shut off to allow filter maintenance.

In applications where the fuel level is below the filter it is still advisable to install a 'full flow' ball valve to prevent fuel draining back into the fuel tank.

After filter installation on systems without a positive head of fuel, remove the filter lid and fill with fuel to assist in priming the system.

Avoid sharp 90-degree bends on the fuel system piping as these increase system pressure drop, as does any reduction in the internal diameter of fuel piping.

Check all fittings are tight and free from leaks.

Please see our product support section for servicing and maintenance.