30650 Vacuum Gauge  (1/4″ BSP) for all the SWK2000 filters

30650 Vacuum Gauge  (1/4″ BSP) for all the SWK2000 filters

The Separ adjustable vacuum gauge is a simple and effective way to tell how full your filter is. Suitable for all SWK2000 ranges.

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This gauge can be inserted in to a special filter lid (ask for details) which has a ¼” BSP hole tapped in it; by fitting it to the filter lid the gauge is monitoring the clean side of the filter.

This gauge can alternatively be fitted in the output pipe work leading from the filter towards the fuel lift pump.

There is a small cap on the top of the gauge. When supplied a certain amount of air will be present inside the gauge; this should be expelled by the temporary removal of this cap. With the air bubble gone, the normally damped operation of this gauge can commence.

The ideal setup is to insert a clean filter element into your unit, switch the pump on and record red needle reading using the adjustable black needle. That is your start point against which you can monitor the filter’s performance. Over time the filter will pull out contamination from the fuel, causing more of a restriction, which will be evident by an increase in the vacuum reading on the clean side of the filter – this will be recorded by the red needle.

Compare the current position of the red needle to the previously set black needle position (the clean restriction). When these two differ by 275mbar (4psi); your filter requires servicing.

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