00510 10 micron element for SWK2000/5

00510 10 micron element for SWK2000/5

Suitable for use in the SWK2000/5 simplex or duplex filters.

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This replacement element filters contamination and free water to 10 micron. It is ideal for fine filtering of fuel.

For applications where fuel is heavily contaminated with larger particles, we recommend the 30 micron paper or 60 micron stainless steel element (which can be washed with clean diesel for repeated use).

The filter element of the SWK2000 should be changed if it’s resistance exceeds engine manufacturer’s specification, or at least once a year, whichever occurs first.

Replacement of the element 

  • Turn off the engine. In case of switchable/duplex units, switch lever to the other filter.  
  • Close the isolation/shut off valve before the filter.  
  • Open the bleed screw on the filter lid.  
  • Open the drain valve.  
  • Water and dirt are flushed out of the bowl. Leave the drain valve open until clean fuel emerges. 
  • Collect liquids in a container and dispose according to the local regulations  
  • Rotate the drain valve several times to ensure that no contamination blocks closing of the drain. 
  • Make sure that the drain valve is engaged in "closed" position.  
  • Close the bleed screw (refer to manual for tightening torque)
  • Loosen the screws on top of the filter lid in multiple turns, losing them in opposite pairs to spread the load, (otherwise damage may be caused to the lid and / or housing) 
  • Take off the lid.  
  • Remove the spring cassette. 
  • Lift the old filter element out using the bracket located on the element top 
  • Dispose of the filter element.
  • Insert the new filter element. It is important to make sure that the sealing surface is at the bottom and the “Separ” logo faces the front.  
  • Reinsert the spring cassette.  
  • If necessary replace the lid seal. If a new gasket is not needed, make sure that the existing seal is free from particles and slightly greased to ensure a perfect fit 
  • Replace the lid and tighten the cover screws in opposite pairs in multiple turns (observe the tightening torque) to prevent damage and leaks.  
  • After the system has been primed, the engine can be restarted. 
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